Catalina Vásquez Salazar
Medellín, Colombia 1991.

Also known as Kathiuska, she divides her time between documentary filmmaking, animation and illustration. 
Illustrator of the children´s book "Las Aventuras de Ulises", published by the Colombian Ministry of Culture in 2017. 
Winner of the graphic novel residence at the Maison des Auteurs (House of Authors) of the Cité de la Bande Desinné and the Ministry of Culture of Colombia. France 2018.
In addition to her work in illustration, Catalina has directed several short films including Reciclando Recuerdos, winner of the Catalina Indian Award for "Best New Creator" at the Cartagena International Film Festival 2011 and "Cárcel", winner of the 2016 Colombian Fund for Cinematographic Development (FDC).

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