Miedo - Radio Ambulante
This work was commisioned by Radio Ambulante, a narrative podcast that tells uniquely Latin American stories in Spanish,  to create an animation based on one of their stories called "Miedo" (fear).
Day of the Little Candles - Snapchat
I was invited by Snapchat to illustrate and animate a video which would be sent to all users as a Mass Snap to  celebrate the Little Candles Day.
Math GIFs
Hand drawn animation
Selected GIFs
Some GIFs I made this past year
P&G Innovation Box
Illustrations for the Brand activation "The P&G Innovation Box" and immersive, 3-wall projection mapped illustration that went live at the Sustainable Brands conference in Vancouver, Canadá, 2018.
I want to be an astronomer
Illustration - Animation
PEPSI Thanksgiving
Animation ad