Invientario 🌬️
Illustrations for a web book poetic anthology of the 5 continents".
Colombia - MAMM
A piece that explores visually Colombia´s popular culture. For Medellín´s Modern Museum Art
A Estória do Sol e do Rinoceronte
Picture book published by Alfaguara Portugal.
Human´s of the future
Illustrations for the march 2020 issue of Avianca´s magazine.
Happy Hoppy calendar
Poster for the japanese beer brand Happy Hoppy
2019 Personal illustrations
A selection of personal illustrations
México cuenta
"Mexico tells", a short stories book  exploring the geography and the traditions of Mexico
Various editorial illustrations
Various editorial iillustrations for Avianca and Semana Magazine (COL)
Fashion statements-Viktor & Rolf
Illustration of the Viktor & Rolf catwalk at Paris Fashion Week 2019, "Fashion statements"
Street style - Avianca
Looks inspired in the in the unique character of four world capitals of fashion.
2017 editorial illustrations
Commissioned artwork
México & Central America - Snapchat
5 seconds looping animation about The Mexican and Central America Independence Day
Going home to eat - Airbnb magazine
A Journey into Coastal Colombia
The adventures of Ulysses
Greek Mithology children´s book. Published by The Ministry of Culture of Colombia
Gucci catwalk MFW 2018
Fashion Illustration
5G Technology
March issue of Avianca´s Magazine about this technology
Agnes Varda
Cover for Kinetoscopio´s film magazine, celebrating the work of Agnes Varda.
Yellow - single artwork
Single 'Yellow' is out now! By the spanish musician and songwriter Luan Mei.
El Encenillo Viajero
A young tree wants to travel like birds, his father teaches him that you can travel in many ways. One of them is learning to "see".
Housewife: to be or not to be?
Editorial for CROMOS Magazine about the different opinions of being a housewife nowdays.
P&G Innovation Box
And immersive, 3 wall projection mapped illustration for Procter & Gamble
Independence Day compilation
Snapchat asked me to create 3 mass snap about independence festivities in latin america
Tom Soyer - Little yellow book
Each year, the Book and Culture Festival of Medellín (COL), publishes the "little yellow book". A series of short adaptations of universal literature classics
Comic projects
July cover issue. FUCSIA Magazine
Illustration for the july edition of Fuscia fashion magazine
The Weaver
Personal illustration
Math GIFs
Hand drawn animation
Comme des Garçon PFW 2018
Fashion illustration
Girl´s night
Personal illustration
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