Financial Freedom
Meditations on the Song of Songs
Wake and Make - Upwork
BOOBS - A Pop Art Book for Breast Cancer
Los Animales del Cielo
Reserve Website Illustrations
The Pop Capybara Collection
A series of Capybaras traveling across pop culture
Invientario 🌬️
Illustrations for a web book poetic anthology of the 5 continents
Colombia - MAMM
A piece that explores visually Colombia´s popular culture. For Medellín´s Modern Museum Art
A Estória do Sol e do Rinoceronte
Picture book published by Alfaguara Portugal.
Human´s of the future
Illustrations for the march 2020 issue of Avianca´s magazine.
Happy Hoppy calendar
Poster for the japanese beer brand Happy Hoppy
2019 Personal illustrations
A selection of personal illustrations
México cuenta
"Mexico tells", a short stories book  exploring the geography and the traditions of Mexico
Various editorial illustrations
Various editorial iillustrations for Avianca and Semana Magazine (COL)
Fashion statements-Viktor & Rolf
Illustration of the Viktor & Rolf catwalk at Paris Fashion Week 2019, "Fashion statements"
Street style - Avianca
Looks inspired in the in the unique character of four world capitals of fashion.
2017 editorial illustrations
Commissioned artwork
México & Central America - Snapchat
5 seconds looping animation about The Mexican and Central America Independence Day
Going home to eat - Airbnb magazine
A Journey into Coastal Colombia
The adventures of Ulysses
Greek Mithology children´s book. Published by The Ministry of Culture of Colombia
Gucci catwalk MFW 2018
Fashion Illustration
5G Technology
March issue of Avianca´s Magazine about this technology
Agnes Varda
Cover for Kinetoscopio´s film magazine, celebrating the work of Agnes Varda.
Yellow - single artwork
Single 'Yellow' is out now! By the spanish musician and songwriter Luan Mei.
P&G Innovation Box
And immersive, 3 wall projection mapped illustration for Procter & Gamble
Independence Day compilation
Snapchat asked me to create 3 mass snap about independence festivities in latin america
ROAR! Scarfs
I illustrated this chiffon scarfs for a personal brand I´m starting called ROAR! Just wanted to make textile design more fun. Enjoy!
Math GIFs
Hand drawn animation
Comme des Garçon PFW 2018
Fashion illustration
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